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Woodblock Print Map – 1

I am making a woodblock printed map of the US portion of the Known World for this Mudthaw (2010). This will be my third woodblock project, the first being a set of face cards for a deck of playing cards, and the second a very simple bookmark for a local event. This is the first one I am doing on my own; I partnered with Michel Wolffauer for the others.

Since I cannot draw, I am creating the image that I will be using in Photoshop and will be transfering it to the wood to carve. I will be using a plank of cherry wood that is 6″ tall and as wide as I need, probably around 8″.

So far I have gotten the outlines done including all of the kingdoms outlined, and I have put a sea monster off the coast. I have a couple things that I need to decide still, but here is what I have so far.

Here are some questions that I am thinking about now before I go forward.
1. Do I put the water lines around the boarder between the US and Mexico. I know there is no water there, but Mexico is not part of the Known World?
2. Which inter-kingdom wars do I include?
3. Do I try to fit the entire kingdom names in each kingdom or make a key and have them elsewhere? The problems with putting it elsewhere is it makes the woodblock much bigger if I do it all on one block (could do 2 blocks though). It is also a lot more carving.
4. Do I have a solid line at the top of the US, a dotted line, or no line? Many of the kingdoms actually extend up into Canada, but I have chosen not to include all of Canada in my map.

I am hoping to give myself about 3 weeks or so to get the block carved so I don’t have to rush. I have never carved words before and I expect it to be pretty difficult.

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