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King’s and Queen’s A&S Champs, Feb. 11th 2012

I decided to enter a woodblock recreation of an image from a 1568 Danse Macabre into East Kingdom King’s and Queen’s Arts and Science Champions.  I was super pleased with the results, and I enjoyed the process.  I was able to get the pear wood planed to type height, so I was able to print the block in my printing press.  Largely to save ink, I disconnected the rollers and inked the block myself each time.

I got really great reception for  the project and a lot of great comments.  At this point, I have a pretty substantial library on woodblock printing, so I was able to answer a lot of questions in details from things I have read.

Here is the original image (on the left) and a photograph of my print (on the right).  I used hot press Arches 100% rag paper, and it came out very well.

The original image on the left and my recreation is on the right

Here is a photo of the block in the printing press.

The woodblock in the printing press

Since we needed to enter into 3 different categories for the competition, I also did a food entry. I attempted to recreate an image from Gaston Phoebus’ Book of the Hunt.  The image is of a picnic during a hunt.  I made stuffed chicken (chicken stuffed with boiled egg yolks, parsley, and spices), a cheese pie, gingerbread, and sourdough bread.  I redacted all of the recipes, apart from the bread, myself.  I have never made bread on my own before without a breadmaker, and I have never used sourdough for anything.  It was so exciting for me that I did it, and that it came out.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to rise properly or not.  I may do a food entry again, especially for something like Artisan’s challenge, but probably not for a big competition.

The picnic I am trying to recreate and the food I made to do it

I had a great time, got to meet lots of great people, and see some amazing artwork.  I have already started collecting information for my next project.

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