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A new carving – Dance of Death

So I am going to have to put my Pennsic map project on hold.  It is much to involved for me to work on while finishing up my Ph.D.

I did get all of my pear wood planed down to 0.918″, which is American type height, so it will fit in my printing press, so now I am set for a bunch of smallish woodblock projects.  I recently stumbled on a project that is perfect for me, and I am working on it for an event in a few weeks.

It is from a Dance of Death and portrays the skeletal death coming to a print shop for the 3 men working there.  It has an image of a printing press, the ink balls, the type case, and the galley.  It is copied from a 1499 dance of death image, which is the earliest known image of the printing press.  I could get more information about the 1586  print, and it has more details about the printing press, which is why I chose it over the 1499 print.

Here are some pictures of how far along in the process I am.

Here is the mirror of the original image taped to the woodblock over carbon paper, so it can be transferred.

Here is the image on the block from the carbon paper before being penned in.

Here is the image partially inked onto the block.  I used a fine tipped Sharpie marker for this.

Here is the final image on the woodblock, waiting to be carved.  It’s hard to see, but I have started carving a small section.

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