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Woodblock Map - 2

I have made some changes and some progress to my map.  I have taken out the second lines between the US and Mexico.  Even though Mexico isn’t part of the KW I didn’t want to use the same type of lines that I use to show water elsewhere on the map.  I also made the boarder at the top of the map a dotted line instead of a solid line since it splits some of the kingdoms.  I don’t have the space to include all of Canada in the map, but I wanted to make sure it was clear that some of the kingdoms continue north.

I also added kingdom names to the map.  I am using a font called RememberReinerFS which I got from the site www.dafont.com.  Dafont is a great site for very nice and often free downloadable fonts.  I chose Remember Reiner because it was easy to read, looked reasonable to carve, and I liked the look of.  I do not know if it is based all or in part on any period hand or font.

There are still a few things I need to decide before going forward.  Here is what I have so far.

The details I still need to figure out are as follow:
1.  Do I include inter-kingdom war sites?  Many areas are very crowded already, especially Aethelmaerc, is there room for an image at each war site?
2.  Is the overall title of the map ok?  Does this really count as the western Known World

3.  How should I sign it.  Should I come up with a new makers mark?  Should I edit the makers mark that Michel and I have, and if so, how?
4.  Are the dotted lines ok at the top of the map?
5.  Should I change the fonts so that each kingdom name more or less fills the space?
6.  Are the kingdom labels that are at an angle ok?

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