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Artisan's Challenge Hunter's Lunch Basket

The Challenge:

So enters the autumn, and with it does the hunter and his party go forth into the wood to seek out the stag and boar that will ease their bellies in the long winter ahead.
This being the first issue, of the soon to be continuing food challenge, prepare and document  the foods that will fill your hunting luncheon basket using foodstuffs and utensils available to your persona at this time of year. Remember, it is not all food for the belly, but food for the eyes and mind as well! Don’t forget the napkins!

My Entry:

My entry for the Hunter's Basket Challenge at the 2011 Artisan's Challenge

I made 3 different 15th century dishes, all from the cookbook, Take a Thousand Eggs or More.  I was trying to recreate a page from the Gaston Phoebus Book of the Hunt, which depicts the hunters having a meal outside.  I made a roast chicken, a cheese pie, and peas porridge.  I also served some wine that I had made with a friend.

I wasn’t sure I had enough time to let all of the liquid in the peas cook down, so after cooking them for 2 hours, I strained out the peas.  I then added broth back in, a few scoops at a time, and cooked the peas basically like risotto.  They were tasty and I turned the leftovers into pea fritters.

2 comments to Artisan’s Challenge Hunter’s Lunch Basket

  • worm

    Hi Naomi!
    I can’t stop bragging about your K.& Q.’s woodcut entry!!
    It was amazing. Please do lots more. If you need anything relating to woodcuts, I am here if you need me.(but it is darn obvious you don’t!)

  • Thank you so much! That means the world to me. If you ever want to do a big joint project, let me know.

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