November 2011
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Pennsic 40 History Display

So I should have written about this a while back, but better late than never.

2011 was the 40th Pennsic War, and since I help out the EK Historian, I decided to do a history display at Pennsic.  Since much of my time is spent working on my thesis, I was not able to dedicate as [...]

The Final Spoon

The final spoon, with a monster carved in the handle.

I need to go back and carve the bowl of the spoon out more.  The wall of the spoon is kinda thick, so its not as easy to use as I would like.  I was a lot of fun to have at the Beowulf event, and [...]

Artisan's Challenge Replicated Glass Beads

The Challenge:

Document and create 3 to 5 beads from the same time and place. Documentation of your source/inspiration beads is the minimum required, but there are extra points in you can find evidence of locations of local glassworks to your chosen time and place, and super extra points if you can document (or reasonably so) [...]

Artisan's Challenge Hunter's Lunch Basket

The Challenge:

So enters the autumn, and with it does the hunter and his party go forth into the wood to seek out the stag and boar that will ease their bellies in the long winter ahead.
This being the first issue, of the soon to be continuing food challenge, prepare and document  the foods that will [...]