March 2010
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Woodblock Map - Final

I was planning on having 2-3 weeks to carve the final woodblock, but of course it didn’t come together until the  last minute.  I had 4 days to carve, but it all came together in the end.

Woodblock printed map

The final print on Arches 140lb hot rolled 100% rag paper.

I can see why pear [...]

Map project - image transfer

Some progress on the map project.

I was able to get hold of some pear wood from Hearne Hardwoods, a wonderful place with all different species of hardwood.  The piece was 2″ thick and very curved, so I had it planed down and it is now about 1.5″.  The board is 12″ wide on one side [...]

Woodblock Map - 2

I have made some changes and some progress to my map.  I have taken out the second lines between the US and Mexico.  Even though Mexico isn’t part of the KW I didn’t want to use the same type of lines that I use to show water elsewhere on the map.  I [...]

Woodblock Print Map – 1

I am making a woodblock printed map of the US portion of the Known World for this Mudthaw (2010). This will be my third woodblock project, the first being a set of face cards for a deck of playing cards, and the second a very simple bookmark for a local event. [...]


Welcome to my Arts & Science project diary.  This is where I will be keeping track of my current A&S projects.  My interests are currently arrow making, woodblock printing, glass bead making, and medieval games.  Visit my main website, to see more about those topics.