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Ink Display for Delirus Mediaevalis Scientia Feriae

For the Delirus Mediaevalis Scientia Feriae (Mad Science Fair) event that was held this weekend, I put together a display on printing ink and linseed oil, as well as a demo on the printing press.

For the ink display, I had 5 glass vials, each containing a liquid and a small ball bearing.  I had a [...]

King’s and Queen’s A&S Champs, Feb. 11th 2012

I decided to enter a woodblock recreation of an image from a 1568 Danse Macabre into East Kingdom King’s and Queen’s Arts and Science Champions.  I was super pleased with the results, and I enjoyed the process.  I was able to get the pear wood planed to type height, so I was able to print the block [...]

A new carving – Dance of Death

So I am going to have to put my Pennsic map project on hold.  It is much to involved for me to work on while finishing up my Ph.D.

I did get all of my pear wood planed down to 0.918″, which is American type height, so it will fit in my printing press, so now [...]

Experimenting with metal ornamental type and gauge pins

Yesterday my husband and I experimented some more with the printing press.  We set up the gauge pins and used multiple pieces of metal ornamental type.  These experiments were less successful than Sunday’s, but I feel like I learned a lot about the press.  I was not able to get a nice even print and [...]

Printing Press

I am the proud new owner of a Chandler and Price Pilot printing press. I could not be more pleased with the way everything went.
On Saturday morning we headed to the sellers house to pick up the press.  I didn’t know anything about the man except that he seemed nice from the emails.  [...]