June 2024
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Updated Known World Map

I have finally updated my map of the Known World. The very original version of the map was a woodblock that I carved and printed. That early map had the 17 (at the time) kingdoms in the US and Canada. For the Pennsic 40 history display, I put together a large map with all of [...]

Making Printing Ink 1: Boiling Linseed Oil

I have been planning for a while to make my own boiled linseed oil to make printers ink, and I have finally gotten around to it.  Over the weekend, my wonderful husband and two fantastic friends (Thank you Andrew, Laura, and Karl!) and I got together to have a picnic, boil some linseed, and generally see how [...]

Ink Display for Delirus Mediaevalis Scientia Feriae

For the Delirus Mediaevalis Scientia Feriae (Mad Science Fair) event that was held this weekend, I put together a display on printing ink and linseed oil, as well as a demo on the printing press.

For the ink display, I had 5 glass vials, each containing a liquid and a small ball bearing.  I had a [...]

King’s and Queen’s A&S Champs, Feb. 11th 2012

I decided to enter a woodblock recreation of an image from a 1568 Danse Macabre into East Kingdom King’s and Queen’s Arts and Science Champions.  I was super pleased with the results, and I enjoyed the process.  I was able to get the pear wood planed to type height, so I was able to print the block [...]

Finished Carving Part 1

So the dance of death woodblock has been fully carved for the first time.  Now I need to ink it, make some print, and see what final carving needs to be done.  Generally there are areas that need to be carved deeper, or details that need to be enhanced.  You can only tell what needs [...]

A new carving – Dance of Death

So I am going to have to put my Pennsic map project on hold.  It is much to involved for me to work on while finishing up my Ph.D.

I did get all of my pear wood planed down to 0.918″, which is American type height, so it will fit in my printing press, so now [...]

Pennsic Map with Royal Camps

I have added in the castles for each of the royal camps.  I thought there would be more space, but some areas are really densely packed, so the castles are pretty small.  I got rid of the fences in camps, in part because they were too big, and in part because I didn’t like the [...]

Pennsic Map - 2

Here is the map without the base official pennsic map layer.  I have added in the fort, the field battle, the woods battle, and a number of encampments.  I am still debating what to do about the lake.  Next up will likely be little castles for all of the royal encampments.

New Project - Woodblock Map of Pennsic

I have begun the design for a new woodblock project – a map of Pennsic.  I intend for it to be very detailed and include battle scenes, archers, royal encampments and more.  I am trying to make it in the style of Sebastian Munster.  I do not know how to draw, so it is difficult [...]

Pennsic 40 History Display

So I should have written about this a while back, but better late than never.

2011 was the 40th Pennsic War, and since I help out the EK Historian, I decided to do a history display at Pennsic.  Since much of my time is spent working on my thesis, I was not able to dedicate as [...]